District Service Awards – Historical

District Service Award Recipients

by Jeff Hoffman
DSD Historian

We joined rose societies for various reasons — the love of roses, learning to grow better roses, becoming better exhibitors and sharing our rose interests with new friends. Some individuals have the drive and ambition, or perhaps a sense of personal duty, to strive to do even more. They become the Local Society Leaders, Consulting Rosarians, Judges and Exceptional Service providers to the whole District. It’s these leaders who keep all levels of rose organizations going. These remarkable people have given freely of their time, effort and support to make the Deep South District the vital and enthusiastic organization it is. They can never be thanked enough. Fortunately, there have been ways established to recognize many of them. Within the Deep South District, we have the Silver Medal Award (for outstanding service to the District), the Outstanding Consulting Rosarian Award (for outstanding service in the performance of CR functions), the Outstanding Judge Award (for outstanding service as a rose show judge), and the Anita Smith Outstanding Service Award (for exemplary service in the District — given annually at the Mid Winter Meeting). Recipients of these awards are nominated from the field and selected by a committee of their peers.

*Where names are marked with an asterisk, the recipient is deceased.  If you know of any updates or corrections, please send them to Jeff Hoffman at the address above.    – The Editor

This material originally appeared in the Fall 2015 DSD Bulletin Bobbie Reed, Editor

Our current Historian is Jeff Hoffman and has brought this material up to date through the 2017 Mid-Winter Awards Presentations.



1957    *Mrs. V. K. Bowman             Decatur, GA

1958    No Award 

1959    No Award

1960    *A. B. Wentz                          Hiram, GA

1961    *Katie Lampkin                      Bradenton, FL

1962    *Ralph Dasher                        Florence, AL

1963    *Ruth Fulwood                       Tifton, GA

1964    *H. H. Huckeba                      Atlanta, GA

1965    *Sam Hjort                             Thomasville, GA

1966    *Mrs. Fred A. Baker               Atlanta, GA

1967    *Mrs. Arthur Harris                Bradenton, FL

1968    *Perry Letson                         Pratville, AL

1969    *Elizabeth Hulett                    Jacksonville, FL

1970    *Mrs. W. E. McLean              Jacksonville, FL

1971    *Edwin Birge                          Carrollton, GA

1972    *J. D. Blair                              Atlanta, GA

1973    *George J. Johnston                Decatur, GA

1974    *W. Henry Hunt                     Birmingham, AL

1975    *Mary Bostic                          Havana, FL