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The DSD Library is a series of contributions from DSD Members who are prolific writers. It was the basis of the original”DSD Shares” concept. We need to constantly grow this library in order to keep this material current. Please send contributions to: Phil Paul at   roseguy-pfp@tampabay.rr.com   

New Material (11-01-2017)

Rose Cane Canker and Dieback in Roses  Article by: Phil Paul

2017 Mid-Winter Meeting Speakers’ Presentations

Pat Shanley

Allen Owings

David Clemons

Cut Rose Industry    <Press Here then press again on the first page to increase page size


New 2016 Update on Rose Rosette Virus by Dr. Mark Windham -University of Tennessee



New Article by Ralph Stream on the Best Roses to Grow in the Deep South  (Posted 1-17-17)

DSD Top 10 Recommendations 12-2016      << Press Enter here

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Carol Green on Sustainable Rose Gardening (from the ARS Fragrant Rose Vol 6 – 2016)


Alicia Lawrence on Safer Brand and their interviews with Laura Seabaugh, Executive Director of the ARS and others on favorite roses to plant and why.  See the article below

What Type of Rose Should I Plant?


The First 150 Days  Pat Shanley & Laura Seabaugh


Single Roses by Stephen Hoy

In the Fall of 2010 Stephen Hoy started a most inspiring series of newsletters on Single Roses. We are pleased to present them here for your contemplation.

Newsletter 1           Newsletter 2         Newsletter 3       Newsletter 4

Newsletter 5           Newsletter 6          Newsletter 7      Newsletter 8

Newsletter 9           Newsletter 13         Newsletter 14

Articles on Rose Selection, Planning and Planting

Selecting-Roses   (Whitcomb)                              Screamin Bloom Machines (Vierbicky)

 Environmentally Smart Gardens (Paul)            Planting New Roses (Dale)

Planning New Rose Beds (Dale)                           Informed Rose Buyer (Dale)

Single Roses – Whitcomb                                       Phillippi Rose List Rev14

3 Rootstock Options  (Carol Green)

Articles on Rose Care (Fertilization, Pests, Soil & Water)

Nutrient Deficencies  (Whitcomb)                       Countering Common Fungi (Whitcomb)

Fertilization-Vierbicky                                            What Roses Do w-Fert (Celeste)

Sheet Composting (Mills)                                       Roses&Soil&Water (Mills)

Acid Indigestion pH (Dale)                                     A Pesticide Program (Dale)

Articles on General Subjects    

A Man & His Woman (Hoy)  

Talks from DSD Fall Convention October 23-25, 2015

Controlling Rose Pests in the Future 2015 -D. Myers

Mini Miniflora Today Tomorrow 10-23-15 _ R. Anthony


Talks from the Joint Mid Winter Meeting 2015  Carolina District and Deep South District

Joint Meeting January 9-11, 2015

(See update 12-6-16)

The Redneck Rosarian – Podcasts

Sandy’s Picks for 2015 – Slide Show

Sandy’s Picks for 2015 – Writeup on the Slides

Phil Paul Presentations

Standard Presentation on Rose Selection & Care

Its fun to grow roses – DSD 2016

Presentation on OGRs & Easy Care Roses (In PDF Format) 

Easier Care Roses 2015      Earth Kind (R) Collage