Service Awards

Deep South District Service Awards
Awarded at the Mid-Winter Meeting
January 21, 2017

DSD Silver Medal Award
Silver Medal Committee Chair: Phil Paul
Karen Prevatt
Clarence Prevatt (Posthumously)

Karen and Clarence were given this award by Ralph Stream after the Silver Medal Committee
recommended them in recognition of their many years of service and Karen’s 6 year service as our Deep
South District Director and a member of the ARS Board. Clarence had been an ARS member for 27 years
and Karen for 25 years. They judged an international rose show in Japan.
Karen and her Board developed a new concept relative to DSD Membership with the change of the DSD
Bulletin converting to e-mail delivery. The Board decided to have every DSD Local Society Member
automatically become a DSD Member and receive the Newsletter for no cost. This helped increase DSD
Meeting & Conference attendance.
Karen and her Board insisted on maintaining two meetings a year for the District. She developed a team
from 6 different Societies who took responsibility to put on several of the meetings when no local
society could provide sponsorship.
Clarence had been President of the Tampa Rose Society in 1995-1996, was an outstanding rose judge
(Horticulture), past member of the Silver Honor Committee and an outstanding Consulting rosarian.
Karen in addition to her District Director an ARS Board duties, was District Parliamentarian and Legal
Advisor during Oline Reynolds terms as District Director.
She was a Consulting Rosarian, Horticulture Judge and Co-Founder of the Tampa Rose Society.
Karen and Clarence have supported the rose in many ways and for many years by promoting the love of
the rose and the camaraderie of those that share that “tie that binds” us together as rosarians.

DSD Anita Smith Award (Seventh Award)
Anita Smith Award: DSD Board of Directors
Recipient: Mary Maude Sharp

The DSD Anita Smith Outstanding service award was created in honor of Anita Smith after her
passing as a lasting thank you to her for all the service she gave DSD and AS AN EXAMPLE SHE
GAVE ALL OF US TO FOLLOW. As a contributor from the very first Mid-Winter Meeting she
served as organizer, supporter and conscience for our District including her 12 year service as
chair of judges.
The Award was first given in 2010. Ralph and Jean Stream appropriately received that first
Mary Maude Sharp was selected by the DSD Board of Directors as the seventh awardee because
she has shown our District through her long and excellent service that she has the same GUSTO
as Anita and the other previous awardees.
Mary Maude has been:
Local Society Newsletter Chair
District Arrangement Chair
National Arrangement Chair
Parliamentarian for the District
Organized many Rose Judging Schools
Conducted many Seminars
Been President of both Tallahassee & Thomasville Rose Societies
Spearheaded last year’s Exhibitor’s Workshop
and is our DSD current Trophy Committee Chair
Thank you Mary Maude for your excellence in the service of the Rose!

DSD Bronze Medal Winners
Vincent Celeste, Bronze Award Chair

2016 Bronze Recipients:
Debby Benson Bradenton-Sarasota Rose Society
Jim Maxheimer South Metro Rose Society & Thomasville Rose Society
Herschel McFarlen Huntsville-Twickenham R.S. Huntsville AL
Gil & Lindy Sanchez Tampa Rose Society
Alba Sequeira Greater Gwinnett Rose Society
John Sullivan Tallahassee Area Rose society
Larry Sullivan Tampa Rose Society