DSD Anita Smith Outstanding Service Award

2010    Ralph & Jean Stream            Micanopy, FL

2011    Phil & *Anne Paul                     Sarasota, FL

2012    Montine Herring                     Whigham, FL

2013    Katherine Mostellar                Atlanta, GA

2014    Bobbie Reed                             Lawrenceville, GA

2015    Earnest “Ed” Easom                Lutz, FL

2016    Jim & Kay Harrell                   St. Simons Island, GA

2017    Mary Maude Sharpe               Tallahassee, FL


The “Anita Smith Outstanding Service Award” is given annually at the Mid-Winter Meeting for exemplary service to the District.

Anita, an original attendee at the first Mid-Winter Meeting in Bainbridge at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Reuben Reynolds, gave us her recollections of that first meeting at the occasion of the 25th annual Mid-Winter meeting in Tallahassee.  Affectionately known as “Miss Nita”, she attended most of the meetings until her death in 2009, only a few short weeks after she served as Chairman of Judges for the Greater Atlanta Rose Show.

She served as an organizer, supporter, and conscience for the Deep South District.  Having served as District Chairman of Judges for twelve years, she was a leader in the true sense of the word.  She is greatly missed by her rose friends.

  • *Where names are marked with an asterisk, the recipient is deceased.