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 Here are the newest changes to our Website (Updated 12-31-16)

NOTE: LATE ADDITION ON PHOTO CONTEST AT MWM See this information under existing Mid-Winter Meeting under Upcoming Events!!!!!

(1) See DSD-Library for Rose Rosette Virus Update – First Item in the Library

(2) See Upcoming Events Tab for a newly added Special “CR Pesticides and Chemical Safety Seminar” to be held in Lawrenceville, GA on January 10, 2017 and West Palm Beach on January 23, 2017

Other Previously Posted Key Events

In the Upcoming Events Tab:

See the DSD and local Rose Shows and Conferences for 2017

 See the Dates, Registration Form, Schedule and Speakers for the DSD 2017 Mid-Winter Meeting
See information on the scheduled CR Class on January 22

In the Organization Tab:

The updated DSD bylaws approved in July 2016 by the ARS Board are included in this section.

The UPDATED 2016 Horticulture Judges list has just been added to this section.  

Note: Local Societies please review your listing and submit any changes.

Call or Send a note to Sara Coleman DSD Secretary 678-432-4792  0r alsara.coleman@att.net

In the Photo Gallery Tab:

2013 Photography Awards

2014 Photography Awards

In the Resources Tab:

The 2016 Bulletins are now posted on the DSD-Bulletin Page
   THE FALL 2016 BULLETIN IS UP as of 9/20

All Bulletin issues from 2011 through 2015 are located in the “Bulletin Archives Tab”

The Event Preparation Tab is now a part of Resources AND INCLUDES A NEW SET OF GUIDELINES FOR DISTRICT SHOWS

In the Consulting Rosarian Section:

A newly updated CR Manual was issued in August of 2016. It is posted as the last entry in the Consulting Rosarian Section. The CR test (given at the Mid-Winter Meeting) will be based on this new edition of the CR Manual.

A list of all DSD CRs has been updated and added by Wayne Myers 12/31/15

A new presentation for the CR Class Chapters 7-8 is listed to comply with the 2016 Issue of the CR Manual.

If you are a CR and we didn’t post your name or if other information about your CR efforts needs changing please contact Wayne Myers (CR Chair) and Phil Paul (Webmaster). For their e-mail addresses see the Committee Chair list in the Organization section.

  In the DSD Library Tab:

The Library has been completely reorganized so that you can easily scan all the topics available to you. PLEASE consider contributing your best articles!  (Send to  webmaster e-Mail address below) 

The first item in this tab is Dr. Mark Windam’s update on RRV for 2016
(added 12-6-16)

The second new item is Posted by our District Director Ralph Stream
(added 1-17-2017)

This is an article for both ARS & DSD websites on The Best Roses by Category to grow in the Deep South.

Please let Phil know if you see any omissions or errors on the web-site. Please send articles!

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