Local Societies

There are presently 24 active local rose societies in the Deep South District. These societies provide an immediate source of information for interested rose growers in their areas. Most societies meet on a monthly basis and have programs featuring knowledgeable rosarians speaking on all aspects of rose culture. Most societies have other activities such as Garden Tours, Exhibiting and Arranging seminars, various types of workshops (such as Pruning Demonstrations), social events and Annual Rose Shows that are open to all exhibitors whether society members or not.

Most societies also have Consulting Rosarians who are available to answer any questions (free of charge) about growing roses in their specific area. Several societies also have web sites that contain valuable information about rose growing in their locale.

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 2018 DSD Presidents

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   Attention Local Society Officers: Please check the contact information for your Society. If you find any errors please send your update information to our DSD Secretary – Sara Coleman  <alsara.coleman@att.net>

Please Include: President’s Name, community served, address, phone number,   e-mail address, Website address (if any)