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Mailbox Surprise

BY: Kitsy Mostellar

I certainly did not expect it. There, in my mailbox, was a letter from the American Rose Society! Whatever did they want from me? I have been a faithful member for years…..“Dear Friend,” it says, “we hope it is an oversight that you have let your membership expire. If you respond quickly, you will not miss an issue of the magazine or lose the opportunity to receive our quarterly special bulletins. Use the enclosed envelope to send your check or telephone us with a credit card number.

We look forward to your renewal.

For the Rose, Membership Chair, ARS”

How could I let this happen! I am an officer in my local society, soliciting new members for it and for ARS. I have been an accredited judge for Arrangements and for Horticulture, a Master Rosarian, and representative to our local Gardening Council. Garden clubs and other rose groups invite me to speak. It will not do for me to be careless here. Thank goodness ARS sent me the letter! My rose friends are from all over the country and their rose interests are many.

I have enjoyed the magazine with its rose culture information and news of new roses and rose shows. We can learn about interesting gardens to visit as well as rose history. Lately, I have become fascinated with the “Fragrant Rose” bulletin, the “Growing Beautiful Roses” booklet I share with new gardeners, and with the beautiful photographs and quilts I see pictured in the magazine and on display at shows. There is a project for every member’s interest.

Quickly, I pick up the telephone and dial the number to renew my membership. “Thank you very much,” says the person at the other end of the line. “We appreciate you and your support.”

After I hang up, I call the society presidents and inquire if they are ARS members. I point out that it is they who pass important rose news to us and if they are not members, we may miss a lot! Next, I write a quick paragraph for our monthly newsletter urging everyone to join ARS and to share with their friends the benefits of membership as well as being a steward of our national floral emblem, the Rose.

A mailbox surprise may be the very thing to wake us up to the need for ARS members to speak out for the organization. We are its life blood; it needs to know that we care. Please join today…and bring a friend!

Thank you from a surprised member.

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