District Director Welcome

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I would like to welcome you to our Deep South District’s website.

Our Mission is to provide all Rose lovers and growers  with the latest and best growing methods, with time tIMG_9542aested products and suggestions that work.

I invite you to scroll through the many topics listed here.  I am sure you will be pleasantly surprised at ideas, suggestions, pictures and articles within.

Our District has 25 Rose Societies that are affiliated with the American Rose Society.  These District Societies have Consulting Rosarians who are ready to help you with any rose growing issues at no cost to you.

When you join a Rose Society in your area, you should find that there is something for every rose grower, be it Modern or Antiques, Exhibition or Easy Care; we strive to make you feel welcome.  We all have many opportunities to grow and expand our knowledge. Joining a society is an enjoyable way to not only learn but to have fun as well.   There is no better way to grow old then to do it with a hobby of growing roses.

The website lists many leaders who work diligently for the love of the rose.  These people are the back bone of our District (3 states – Florida, Alabama and Georgia).  As you come to know them you will see and feel their enthusiasm rubbing off.  It’s contagious!

Please enjoy our newly designed website and tell others about us.   Happy Rose growing!

Ralph Stream – District Director